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West Hollywood is committed to supporting the community's housing needs by linking residents to information and resources they need to keep their housing and remain in the community and by providing affordable housing opportunities through the inclusionary housing program and in partnership with affordable housing providers.

2019 Community Conversations on Housing


In January 2019, the City will host conversations on Housing in the community to engage residents, renters, property owners, non-profits and others on housing policy and programs. Click on the link for more information on Community Conversations on Housing.

Since 2012, the City has been hosting community conversations as a way for residents, renters, property owners, non-profits and others to engage on housing policy and programs. Input received at the meetings is used when designing the City’s housing programs. The events are free and all are encouraged to attend. Light refreshments will be provided. Each meeting presents the same information. For more information, please visit or contact Tom Trevor at or (323) 848-6472.

Housing Presentation 2019 

Check Back for Dates in 2020! 


For more information, contact Tom Trevor at or (323) 848-6472.

West Hollywood 2016 Housing Report

The 2016 report provides a summary of housing market trends, ongoing City housing programs, and upcoming initiatives aimed at maintaining and expanding housing affordability in West Hollywood.

2016 Housing Report-1 

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 Affordable Housing_HR (2018) Final (2-5-2018)

  • Housing Policies and Programs
    The City's adopted Housing Element includes policies and programs for meeting the community's housing needs. The City sets its housing policies every eight years following California's Housing Planning Cycle. The current State Housing Planning Cycle is from 2013 - 2021.
  • Inclusionary Housing
    New multi-unit residential projects must provide inclusionary housing either onsite or pay a fee in-lieu.
  • Affordable Housing
    The City partners with non-profit housing developers, providing low interest loans for the development of affordable housing.


 2013 – 2021 Housing Goals

H.1: Provide affordable rental housing.

H.2: Maintain and enhance the quality of the housing stock and residential neighborhoods.

H.3: Encourage a diverse housing stock to address the needs of all socioeconomic segments of the community.

H.4: Provide for adequate opportunities for new construction of housing.

H.5: Provide for a government environment that facilitates housing development and preservation.

H.6: Promote equal access to housing for all.                 


Housing Survey

We want to hear from you! Please take a moment to tell us about your housing needs. Results are confidential and help inform and design the City's housing programs. 

Affordable Housing
First Time Home Buyer and Other Home Ownership Programs

Housing Element 

West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation (WHCHC)
Housing Forms




Inclusionary Housing

  • The inclusionary housing program produced 77 new affordable apartments at Movietown for extremely low, very low, and low income seniors.
  • 214 new units for moderate, and lower income households were produced from 2014 - 2016, primarily along commercial boulevards with almost no displacement of existing tenants. 
  • Not included in the 2016 report, but importantly, all moderate and lower income households facing Ellis Act displacement were offered affordable housing through the inclusionary program.

Affordable Housing Fees

  • Most new residential development paid the City's Affordable Housing In-Lieu Fee. Fifty-four percent of new residential projects in 2016 were market-rate 2-10 unit condominiums paying the In-Lieu fee. These projects did not use the state housing bonus and did not provide onsite affordable units. In-lieu fees are held in the City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund and used to provide loans to non-profit housing providers constructing new affordable buildings. (Currently, 75% of new multi-unit projects under review will pay the In-lieu fee, rather than provide affordable units)

Partnerships with Non-Profit Housing Providers

  • The newest affordable housing building in West Hollywood is underway. In 2016, construction began on Blue Hibiscus, the latest housing project by the West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation (WHCHC). The City of West Hollywood provided $2 million from the City's Affordable Housing Trust Fund. The City’s loan was used by WHCHC to secure over $7.2 million in additional tax credit financing from the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (CTCAC), making it possible to construct the project.

Special Studies and Initiatives

  • Special studies and initiatives to promote housing affordability and tenant protections are underway:
  • Analysis of how to best utilize newly created county and state affordable housing funding sources, 
  • Study of achieving affordability through new or innovative financing strategies,
  • Exploring a possible program providing tenants the first right to make an offer if their property owner plans

Inclusionary Housing Low-Income Waitlist
Waitlists are currently closed.     

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