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Multi-Family Energy Efficiency, Seismic Retrofitting, Historic Preservation

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Federal, State and County Programs for Multi-Family Building Energy Upgrades, Seismic Retrofitting, and Historic Preservation

This page provides links to Federal, State and County energy efficiency, seismic retrofitting, and historic preservation programs for multi-family property owners. This information is being provided to assist property owners locate potential resources. These programs are not provided or endorsed by the City of West Hollywood. Other resources may also exist. Follow the links for more information.

Information included on this page is not intended as financial advice. The City of West Hollywood encourages you to consult with a tax professional or financial adviser before purchasing or making a commitment in response to any of these opportunities.

Please note: programs may be discontinued when available funding is spent or timelines expire.

Qualifications may apply.

PACE Financing

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing funds long-term, low-interest loans for large-scale energy-efficiency, water-saving, and renewable energy projects. Loans are repaid through assessments on property tax bills. The assessment transfers to new owners if the property is sold. Discover how PACE financing can both reduce operating costs and increase property values.

Go Solar West Hollywood

Go Solar West Hollywood is a city-sponsored program to encourage property owners to go solar. West Hollywood has partnered with EnergySage, an online marketplace, to help property owners receive and compare quotes!

West Hollywood Solar Guides

Interested in your apartment or condo building going solar? Not sure where to start? Check out our Solar Guide for Apartment Building Owners and Solar Guide for Condominiums.

Property Tax Exclusion for Solar Energy Systems

Under the California tax code, adding solar equipment will not increase the state’s property value assessment on an existing property. Though the program sunsets in 2016, any solar system that was previously “excluded” will remain excluded. Get the details on exclusions to this exclusion. Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor

Energy Smart Services

Honeywell Utility Solutions contracts with SoCalGas to conduct a special program for owners and management companies of multifamily properties. Low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators are provided at no cost. Technicians also assess gas appliances at the site and may recommend repairs or replacement. Find out how low-flow products can save 30% to 50% in water and energy costs. Energy Smart

SoCal Water$mart

High-efficiency toilets, rotating sprinklers, flow control valves, and weather-based irrigation controllers are all eligible for hefty rebates from the Metropolitan Water District. Turf removal rebates have doubled to help pay for drought-tolerant plants and other approved landscape options. Help beat the drought! SoCal Water$mart

SoCalGas Equipment Rebates

Cash rebates reduce the costs of installing a variety of qualified energy-efficiency products in dwelling units and in common areas. Boilers, water heaters (both storage and tankless), furnaces, ceiling and wall insulation, and hot water controllers are all included. Which equipment can save you money and energy? SoCalGas

Historic Buildings: Tax Credits and Incentives

Owners of historic building enjoy allowances and funding streams unavailable to most. Properties on the National Register of Historic Places may take advantage of a 20% federal tax credit (not just a deduction) for rehabilitation expenses. The Mills Act allows qualifying owners to receive a potential property tax reduction and use the savings to help rehabilitate, restore, and maintain their buildings. Consult your tax professional or a qualified preservation professional. Los Angeles Conservancy

US DOE Better Buildings Initiative

The Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge now supports multifamily property owners, providing technical assistance and proven energy-efficiency solutions. Take the pledge and be recognized for leadership and innovation. Better Buildings Challenge

Property Tax Exclusion for Seismic Retrofits

Under the California tax code, adding seismic retrofitting improvements to an existing property will not increase the state’s property value assessment. Several different categories of improvements reduce the vulnerability of both tenants and property. Get the details. Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor

Solar Investment Tax Credit

The Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) provides a tax credit (not just a deduction) of 30% of the net cost of the system installed and actually applies to a variety renewable energy options. This credit and other renewables-friendly tax policies are stimulating investment. Consult a tax professional for more information to see if solar makes sense. Internal Revenue Service

Electric Car Charging Stations

The market for plug-in electric vehicles is growing rapidly and property owners may wish to – or may be pressured to – provide charging stations for residents. Property owners are not required to provide electricity for tenant-owned cars, but state law may soon make it illegal to impose any condition that "effectively prohibits or unreasonably restricts" installation of charging equipment in an tenant’s designated parking space (AB 2565). Is a charging station right for your property? Southern California Edison

Electric Vehicle Charging Station For Apartments & Condos

NRG Energy Inc is providing subsidized funding and installation opportuntiies for electric vehicle charging stations in multi-family residential properties statewide as part of a settlement agreement with the California Public Utilities Commision. This program helps to improve the state's electrical vehicle infrastructure by increasing the number of charging stations. To learn more about the multi-family residential property charging program, contact Kevin Kelleher of NRG eVgo at 310.912.9037 or You may also visit the company's website:

Federal Tax Deductions: Repairs vs Renovations

In many cases tax exemptions provide enough savings to make improvements affordable. In 2013 the IRS released guidance on deducting expenses related to repairs vs. renovations. The regulations include a “safe harbor” for small-businesses, including rental properties. All repairs, maintenance, improvements and similar expenses may be deducted in the current year if they fall under a certain cap – instead of capitalizing renovations over many years. Consult your tax professional to see how these rules can benefit your property. Internal Revenue Service

Distributed Generation

Property owners in the vanguard of sustainability may consider self-generation technologies other than solar: wind, fuel cell, waste heat recovery, and combined heat and power equipment. Investigate fuel cells fed with biogas or harvesting waste heat from air-conditioning units to heat pools. Southern California Edison

SCE Multifamily Property Resource Center

SCE’s Multifamily Energy Efficiency Programs offer rebates and no-cost products, such as compact fluorescent lamps and low-flow showerheads, through SCE-authorized contractors. Make the switch to lower usage and costs. Southern California Edison

Energy Upgrade California

For customers of both Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas, Energy Upgrade California’s Multifamily Program enlists qualified energy professionals to provide free design and technical assistance through the rebate application process. Engage an expert to identify and prioritize opportunities. Energy Upgrade California

SCE Energy Efficiency Solutions

Common areas in multifamily dwelling may qualify for Southern California Edison’s Express Solutions equipment rebates, but only for limited projects that do not trigger full Title 24 energy code compliance. (The new Title 24 took effect on July 1, 2014.) Some typical lighting, HVAC, and hot water retrofit projects remain eligible. Ready to upgrade and save? Southern California Edison

California Solar Initiative – Solar Power

The Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) program provides rebates for installing solar power (PV). Installing solar helps property owners and tenants save money and helps the state meet its sustainability goals. Though the program is not currently taking new applications, keep an eye on the Southern California Edison website for program updates. Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing

California Solar Initiative – Solar Hot Water

A solar water heating system captures the warmth of the sun and helps your conventional water heater use less energy. Unlike solar power (PV) systems that generate electricity, these “solar thermal” systems absorb and transfer solar heat energy. Consult a specialty contractor to take advantage of state rebates. California Solar Initiative

SoCalGas 0% On-Bill Financing

In conjunction with energy-efficiency rebates and incentive programs, Southern California Gas Company is offering qualified customers unsecured loans at 0% to finance the purchase and installation of eligible measures. Start saving energy with no up-front costs. SoCalGas