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Information on rental housing requirements and tenant protections

Current Available Rentals

Check here for of a list of available rentals in West Hollywood. Rentals listed are from private property owners. This list is provided free to access, and free to post.

Know the Rules Before you Rent!

West Hollywood administers rent stabilization and tenant protections through the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) and Rent Regulations.

 Renting Housing in West Hollywood

The RSO requires landlords to register new tenancies within 30 days after the tenancy begins for buildings built on or before July 1, 1979 (West Hollywood Municipal Code §17.28.040). Now this process can be quickly and easily completed through our Online Landlord Service portal.

Tenant Protections Apply to all Rentals

The West Hollywood RSO (Rent Stabilization Ordinance) provides tenant protections regardless of when the building was built.

Evictions Limited to Just Cause

  Tenants in West Hollywood can only be evicted for certain reasons, such as not paying rent, or causing a nuisance. (WHMC 17.52)

Relocation fees for No-Fault Evictions

Landlords are required to pay relocation fees to tenants displaced through a no-fault eviction. 

Tenant Harassment Prohibition

  Landlords are prohibited from engaging in harassment of a tenant in a manner that would cause a reasonable tenant to vacate their dwelling unit,


Rent Stabilization Ordinance

Title 17 of the West Hollywood Municipal Code (Rent Stabilization Ordinance) holds West Hollywood's rent laws and tenant protections, including application of the law, obligations for property owners, limits on rent increases, limits on eviction, tenant protection from harassment, and requirements for temporary and permanent  relocation.


Rent Regulations

The Rent Regulations implement the Rent Stabilization Ordinance.

Buildings Built Before July 2, 1979: Rent Stabilization Program Rent Increase Limits, Maintenance Requirements

Buildings receiving a certificate of occupancy before July 1, 1979 are subject to the full RSO including:

  • Limit on Rent Increases
  Following the first 12 months after a tenant moves in, the property owner may increase rent but only to the limit allowed by the Annual General Adjustment (AGA).
  • Housing Services
  Property owners must maintain the same housing services that existed when a tenant moved in. If those services are reduced, a tenant may request a decrease in rent. 
  • Minimum Maintenance Required

 Property owners must provide maintenance:

  • Every 4 years: repaint interior walls
  • Every 7 years: replace carpet, repaint exterior walls

New Online Landlord Service Portal - Re-Register Tenancies Online, Pay the Annual Rent Registration Fee & More!

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