Online Landlord Service Portal

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NEW Online Landlord Service Portal

The City of West Hollywood has launched its first ever online Rent Stabilization Landlord Service Portal.  The new online service portal will allow landlords and their property managers to:

  • Register new tenancies.
  • Pay annual rent registration fees
  • Update contact information on current properties
  • Link properties to a single account
  • Register newly owned properties
  • Download Rent Stabilization forms

To access the online portal click on this link  You will need to create your account.  Click here to obtain step-by-step instructions on how to create your online account.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Where can I find my Parcel Number and PIN? What do I do if the parcel number and PIN are not working?
How will I know if I have successfully created an account?
Can my property manager or agent create their own online acccount?
What information do I need to complete the re-registration of new tenancies online?
Will I be able to get a copy of the re-registration I entered online?
What type of payment methods will be accepted?
Can I still mail-in my payment? Is it possible to make partial payments?
How is the annual rent registration fee calculated?
Why does my account have a balance?
How much of the rent registration fee can I pass-through to the tenants?
Are units that are owner or relative occupied exempt from the registration fee?