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Rent Stabilized Units

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Properties Built Before 1979 (WHMC Title 17 Rent Stabilization)

This list of addresses includes all units registered with the City. Some units subject to the full RSO, but not properly registered, may not be included.

Rent Stabilized Addresses

The entire RSO applies to multi-family residential rental units built before July 1, 1979. The full RSO also applies to tenancies that began before January 1, 1996 in single family homes and condominiums built prior to July 1, 1979. The RSO limits rent increases to the Annual General Adjustment (AGA). Additionally, tenants and landlords may use the City’s hearings process to determine a Maximum Allowable Rent (MAR), order repayment of rent overcharges, or order rent adjustments due to a loss of housing service. The full RSO also requires property owners to pay an annual registration fee of $144 per unit. Half of this fee, or $72 annually, can be passed through to the tenant at $6 per month. The City offers a rebate to senior low-income households. For more information and to see if you qualify for a rebate, contact the Rent Stabilization and Housing Division at or 323-848-6450.

All Properties (WHMC Section 17.52)

The RSO limits reasons a tenancy can be canceled. This applies to residential units regardless of when built and includes single homes and condominiums. Further, relocation fees must be paid to tenants displaced when a property owner or close relative wishes to occupy a unit and when a  building is withdrawn from the rental market using the Ellis Act.


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