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Registration Fee and Tenant Portion of It

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Landlords pay an annual rent registration fee of $144 per unit to the City for the administration of the Ordinance. They may pass half of this on to the tenants, divided into 12 equal monthly portions, in addition to the Maximum Allowable Rent. Currently, the landlord may charge the tenant $6 per month.

Limits on Pass-Through of Fees

The landlord cannot:

  1. Ask for this amount in an annual lump sum.
  2. Force a tenant to make back payments for months in which the landlord did not charge the fee.
  3. Charge the tenant for months during which the landlord neglected to pay the fees to the City.

If the landlord has not charged the tenant the fee before, they must give the tenant a written 30-day notice to begin charging the fee as a term of tenancy.

The fee is not rent and, if the landlord is charging it, it is not calculated as part of the annual rent increase. So the $6 should be deducted from the rental amount before the annual general adjustment is figured and then added back into the increased rent.

Do All Tenants Have to Pay the Registration Fee?

Yes. However, certain low-income seniors, and/or low-income persons with disabilities who pay the monthly fee may be entitled to a fee rebate from the City. Contact the Rent Stabilization & Housing Division at (323) 848-6450 for more information on the Tenant Fee Rebate Program.