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Tenant Relocations Permitted by the Ordinance

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Landlords may not issue 30-day notices to terminate tenancy without cause in the City of West Hollywood. The Ordinance limits the causes for which a tenant may be evicted.

There are limited reasons for which a tenant may be relocated from a unit without being at fault. All permitted tenant relocations have specific conditions, noticing requirements and fees to tenants. Legal no-fault terminations include:

  • The landlord, or a specified close relative of the landlord, desires to occupy a unit;
  • Withdrawal of all rental units in a building from the rental housing market (Because there are many restrictions and requirements, landlords are advised to contact the Department before considering this option);
  • A landlord already living on the premises who has a certified medical requirement may exchange apartments with a tenant to obtain a unit better suited to their medical needs (e.g., a ground floor apartment if the owner is restricted to a wheelchair);
  • The landlord needs to conduct substantial repairs ordered by an authorized government agency to bring the property into compliance with applicable codes and laws affecting the health and safety of these tenants and the agency has ordered that this work cannot be completed while the tenant occupies the premises.

Again, please note: These relocations all have restrictions and procedural requirements under the Ordinance, please contact the Department for information if you are considering relocating a tenant.

The required noticing periods for these no-fault terminations vary and do not begin until all requirements for noticing both the tenant and the Department have been met. Most notices have required contents. The tenant has not been noticed until any and all required relocation fees have been paid to them. The landlord must submit the notice to the tenant and the application for Tenant Relocation Assistance to the Department with a copy of the notice to the tenant attached.

When the unit is re-rented after some of these relocations, the former tenant has the right to move back ito the unit.

The rent for the unit will not be decontrolled during vacancy following a no-fault termination of a tenancy. The landlord will only be able to ask for the current MAR or less from the next tenant following such a termination.

If you are considering relocating a tenant for any purpose, you should contact an Information Coordinator in the Rent Stabilization and Housing Division for further information at (323) 848-6450 or by emailing

Evictions for reasons other than those permitted by the Ordinance or misrepresentation that a tenant must move out for reasons other than those permitted by the Ordinance are illegal and may lead to prosecution for misdemeanor violation of the tenant harassment section of the Ordinance. No landlord shall engage in harassment of any tenant with the intent to cause a tenant to vacate a rental unit.