WehoTV Channel 6 and Other Access Channels

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WeHoTV Channel 6 cablecasts a computer bulletin board with information about what is going on in the City. The system continuously cycles 24 hours a day. Here is some of the information shown:

  • The City Calendar of meetings and other activities
  • Other activities in the City or in the area
  • Specific news or items concerning Transportation, the Environment, etc.
  • Other information for West Hollywood residents and businesses

WeHoTV Channel 6 is only available to cable customers in the City of West Hollywood, though much of the same information is available here on the City's website.

About Public, Educational, and Governmental Programming Fees

In February 2018, the West Hollywood City Council approved a Resolution to reauthorize Public, Educational, and Governmental access television fees (PEG fees) for state video franchise agreements in compliance with Public Utilities Code and West Hollywood Municipal Code. Ordinance No. 08-791U, adopted in July 2008, established a section entitled “State Video Franchisees.”

Other West Hollywood Access Channels