Design Review Subcommittee

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The Design Review Subcommittee of the Planning Commission is a working study session of three members of the Planning Commission. This is an advisory subcommittee that delivers opinions and gives advice to the applicant (the party that is requesting legal entitlement for their development). The Subcommittee does not vote, nor does it take any other legal action. Projects are approved, denied, or approved with additional conditions only at meetings of the Planning Commission itself.

At the Design Review Subcommittee discussion of these projects is focused on design of the project, rather than on other matters of concern to the Planning Commission such as provision of adequate parking or service of alcohol. These other subjects are addressed in public hearings before the full Planning Commission. The public is welcome to attend the meetings of the Design Review Subcommittee. These meetings occur most 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month (in the Plummer Park Community Center at 5:30 PM) as needed.

Confirmation of the meeting schedule and agendas may be obtained by calling David Gillig, Planning Commission Secretary Subcommittee Liaison at 323 848-6331 or David DeGrazia, Current & Historic Preservation Planning Manager at 323 848-6844.

Current Design Review Subcommittee members:

David Aghaei
John Altschul
Sue Buckner

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