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Alternative Art Spaces

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Art can be found everywhere – it doesn’t need to be limited to traditional art spaces like galleries and museums!

We are helping build a database of space where artists can perform or show artwork. Join the effort by registering your business space!!

Guide for Art in Alternative Spaces


To assist artists and businesses in partnering to present art, we’ve created some resources:

  • Interior Art Exhibits & Performances:  The City has created an alternative art space registry!

    • If you are a business/retail space interested in being in this registry, click here.

    • If you are an artist who wants to reach out to businesses who have expressed an interest in being an alternative art space, click here to view businesses on the WeHo Alt Art Space Registry. (Please note that you should feel free to reach out to other businesses not on this list and propose your project!)

For more information, download our Art & Business partnership brochure here.


Guide for Pop-Up Art in Vacant Retail Spaces 

Installing art in storefront spaces is a great way to draw attention to an empty retail space and allow an artist to exhibit their work.


  • Provides an exciting new way to market vacant properties to potential tenants;
  • Increases pedestrian traffic to surrounding businesses;
  • Showcases vacant retail spaces in new ways, inspiring new uses;
  • Allows artists to showcase their work in unique environments;
  • Offers emerging artsits the opportunity to exhibit their work;
  • Increases the presence of art in the community.

The information below will help you determine what type of permit, if any, you will need in order to place art in a vacant space. If you need to obtain a permit, please visit the planning counter in the Community Development Department on the 2nd Floor in City Hall, 8300 Santa Monica Blvd. during business hours to obtain a permit application or click on the links below to downloand and print the application.

How will the space be used? 



How long does it take to get a permit?

Will the space be open to the public?

Example: Gallery vs. art in storefront window

No Permit Required

Temporary Use Permit is required ($855.27 fee applies)

Approximately 2 Weeks

1 Day

Will the sale of art or product take place from the location? No Permit Required Temporary Use Permit is required ($855.27 fee applies)

Approximately 2 Weeks

1 Day



Information for Property Owners                                                                                             


How do I find an artist?

The City of West Hollywood maintains a registry of artists living in West Hollywood. If you are interested in reaching out to a local artist, please email

Otherwise, the following organization may be able to help you find local artists: Los Angeles Arts Association - A nonprofit organization commited to providing opportunities, resources and services to local emerging artists.

What is the minimum the property owner should provide?
The property owner can negotiate with the artist or arts organization about what each party will provide. Examples of the types of things property owners shoud discuss with an artisit include:

  • A clean space. The artist should return the property back to the condition in which it was delivered.
  • Use of utilities such as electricity, heating or air-conditioning.
  • Storage while artists set up and take down installation.
  • How long will the artist have their work installed? This is negotiable and can be set for any amount of time both the property owner and the artist feel is appropriate. Things to consider include:
    • What if the property is leased and I need the space cleared for a new tenant?
    • How long will it take for the artist to remove the artwork?
    • What if the artist sells the art that is installed or needs to remove it for another purpose? Will they replace it with something new?
  • Access to the space. The propety owner/manager will likely want to have access to show the space should they receive any inquries while the art is present and the artist may want to host a reception or simply have access to the space. How that access will occur should be discussed.
  • Discussion should include who pays for what. Generally, these programs are meant to be a collaborative effort and in many instances use of the property is donated by the property owner and the artist donates his/her time toward the creation and installation of the artwork and cost of materials.

Who selects the art?
Many artists will want to install work they have already completed, but a property owner may discuss with an artist the type of art that will be placed in the property.

Information for Artists                                                                                                              


How do I find a property owner to work with?
Walk around the neighborhood and find the retail spaces that provide contact information for leasing or renting. In some cases it may be a property management company. Be sure you have the exact address.

You can also do a quick search for properties currently available for sale or lease by searching the City's free online service by clicking here. Please note that this listing is intended to generate interest from potential leasees or buyers. You should not assume these properties have an interest in temporary art spaces. Please inquire directly with each property.

What are the expectations of property owners?
Generally, these programs are meant to be a collaborative effort and in many instances use of the property is donated by the property owner and the artist donates his/her time toward the creation and installation of the artwork and the costs of materials.

It is important that an artist understand what the property owner is comfortable providing as part of this collaborative effort. This will vary with each individual property. In some cases, the property owner will want to have an assurance that the property will not be damaged and will be returned to the state in which it was delivered and will want to have flexibility in having the artwork removed early, should the property owner/manager find a new tenant. Property owners may also want to have a role in selecting the art that is displayed to ensure they are comfortable with the content and the brand image they are trying to portray for the property.

How do you establish the value of artwork for insurance purposes?
The best way to establish a set value for your artwork is to list all of your materials and hours of labor. Be sure to take photos of the work for your record.


Recent Pop-Up Arts Experiences in West Hollywood                                                                


A Convergence of Souls Pop Up Space Gallery


By: City of West Hollywood Arts & Cultural Affairs Commission
Property: 8130 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood

A Convergence of Souls features art installations by artists Todd Williamson, Meeson Pae Yang and Joe Davidson. These three artists converge on three vacant spaces to create this unique community-based pop-up art experience. They transformed individual vacant storefronts at the Crescent Square Plaza in West Hollywood into unique community-based art experiences.

WeHo @ 25 – A 25th Anniversary Celebration in Art


By: City of West Hollywood Arts & Cultural Affairs  Commission                                                                     
Property: 8270 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 1,900 square feet

The exhibition was housed in a former pet shop. A temporary gallery was installed as a Pop Up Art demonstration project for artists and property owners to see how an available space can be animated and enhanced by art. The exhibit featured 47 works by 45 artists, each with a special connection to the Creative City, and was curated by Howard N. Fox, Curator Emeritus of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

A Gallerina’s Guide to an Exhibitionist


By: Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre
Property: 7984 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 3,440 square feet

Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre transformed the former Laurel Hardware space and presented a living art show and interactive exhibit that explores real opportunities for dialogue within contemporary art. With the audience listening on audio guides, live performers in oversized frames expose the mysteries of the Nude, the action of Still Life and the kaleidoscope of Color field.