Art-Business Partnership Toolkit

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Many businesses have partnered with the arts to help build their brand, help support community, and draw business to themselves.

Download our easy to read 'Arts and Business Partnership Handout'

Art and Business Partnerships Pamphlet


Why Partner?

Arts consumers spend money. The City of West Hollywood's Economic Development Department participated in a study on the Economic Impact of Non-Profit Arts that shows that the average West Hollywood non-profit arts consumer spends an additional $26.05 outside of admission/ticket price, most of this at local businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, and hotels.

The creative economy is an economic powerhouse. According to a 2012 study, the local creative economy supports 1 in 7 jobs and contributes over $80 million (more than 10%) to the LA Regional economy. Read the report.

8 More Reasons to Partner from Americans from the Arts include: Building Your Brand, Inspiring Creativity in and Bringing Happiness to Your Workforce, and Getting your Message Across in a Creative Way.



How to partner?

How can your business align with local artists and organizations? Here's some ideas if you want to:

Attract Arts Attendees

West Hollywood, known as the Creative City, draws many people who come to enjoy the arts, many of whom spend money before and after attending an arts event. You can engage with these local arts consumers by very simple methods such as:

  1. Offer a special price or discount to people who attend a local arts event and bring a program or ticket stub from an event. Check out our City of West Hollywood and Visit West Hollywood arts calendars for a list of arts events near you.
  2. Work out a partnership with a local arts event to have posters or postcards at your business, and vice versa have business cards or coupons at that arts event.
  3. Sponsor a local theatre production in exchange for space in their playbill or program.    

Connect via Social Media

Follow WeHo Arts on social media and share posts to expand awareness of arts related activity at your business. Use the hastags #wehoarts and #weho to connect with WeHo Arts.

Create a Social Media Contest

Buy tickets to a show and offer them to people who tweet with a certain hashtag or phrase like ‘I heart #wehoarts @WeHoArts @wehochamber’. By offering tickets to an arts experience you are more likely to create a memory for the winner that they will associate with your business, share with their friends, and also helps promote the art event or show.

Install a Mural

Murals can draw attention to or serve as a landmark for your business, provide an opportunity for an artist, and serve as a way of beautifying the public realm. There is a process for approving a mural through the City, and murals should not directly advertise your business, as that would be considered a creative sign. Visit the Commercial Business Mural page for additional details.  

Graffiti artist RISK produced the vibrant mural “Beautifully Destroyed” on Woven Accents earlier this year and continues to be a source of inspiration for the design district community.

West Hollywood Mural Program - Commercial Business Murals


Host an Art Exhibit

Hosting an indoor art exhibit, or rotating exhibits, is a great way to expose new artists to the public, beautify your space, and can even serve as an alternate income source if you take a small commission for selling the artwork displayed on your walls.  Artists will invite their friends to come to an artist reception exposing your business to more people.

The City has a registry that it makes available to artists seeking non-traditional exhibit space. Your business can register at

You can also find artists by contacting artist member organizations such as LA Art Association (

- Participate in Make Music LA

Support the Arts through Sponsorships

Arts need patrons. Be a modern day Medici, Ahmanson, or Taper, and help support the arts through fiscal and promotional sponsorship. Many businesses have used a partnership with the arts to build their brand.