Information for Arts Grantees

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Useful Information for our Grantees

If you have been awarded a grant from the City of West Hollywood through WeHo Arts, congratulations! Below are some resources to assist with managing your grant.

Useful Information for Arts Grantees:

1. Contracting and Payments: Your grant funds should be mailed to you no later than 45 days after the contract was received by us and processed. Prior to receiving a contract you should make sure that the City has received a W9 from you if you are a new grantee, or have had a change in name or address since the last grant was awarded to you. If you need a W9 form, please email your grant administrator (either Prentis Bonds or Mike Che  

2. Media Advisory: Please be sure to submit your media advisory no later than 60 days prior to your event. All grant recipients are required to submit a media advisory by this deadline.

 2018 Online Media Advisory (for projects taking place between Jan 1, 2018 and Dec 31, 2018)

3. Printed materials - For all grant funded programs you must use both the City of West Hollywood logo (please note the external box is an integral part of the City logo) and WeHo Arts logo on your printed materials. (Link to dropbox folder of hi-rez logos.). We ask that you acknowledge the City with the wording found below. If you have any questions please email  You must run all printed collateral by City arts staff who will get it approved through the Communications division). 

All programs except One City One Pride:

This program is presented with the support of the City of West Hollywood’s WeHo Arts program. For more information, please visit or follow via social media @WeHoArts.

One City One Pride programs:

This event is presented as part of the City of West Hollywood's One City One Pride LGBTQ Arts Festival (May 22-June 30). For more info and to see a full list of events please visit or follow via social media @WeHoArts.

4. Newsletter Sign Up: In order to increase the effectiveness our our marketing for both your event and other WeHo Arts events we ask that a City of West Hollywood email sign-up sheet be placed at the event. Alternately if you prefer to have only one sign up sheet, you may have a single sign up sheet that indicates they are signing up for both your organization's and the City's WeHo Arts email list. Our email list has an easy opt-out, and we only send out approximately one email every 2 weeks. Email Sign-up sheets can be scanned and emailed to or the names can be transcribed into an email to

Newsletter Sign Up Sheet / WeHo Arts Sign-up Sign

5. Final Report: Within 30 days after your program has ended you should submit a Final Report via the online link found here:

2018 Final Report (

6. Revised Year II or III WeHo Arts Project and Organizational Development Proposals

If you are a recipient of a multi-year grant you will need to submit a revised Year II or III proposal in the fall. Links will be provided then.

WeHo Arts - City of WeHo 

If you have any questions on these processes, please contact Prentis Bonds at or Mike Che at