Information for Arts Grantees

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Useful Information for our Grantees

Congratulations West Hollywood grantees!

The City of West Hollywood’s Arts Division is pleased to support arts organizations and artists in creating a project/program that will have a positive effect on the West Hollywood community.  We look forward to the realization of your grant funded project/program in West Hollywood. 

Multi-Year Grantees: Scroll down to “Multi-Year Grantees to access Revised Year II Grant Proposal Forms.

The following information in alpha order will assist you with remaining compliant throughout the grant period (January 1 – December 31).  For questions, contact Prentis Bonds, Grants Coordinator at or (323) 848-6354.

Before You Print or Send Digital Collateral
The City's Economic Development and Communications Departments must approve use of the City logo and acknowledgment language for print and digital collateral to ensure consistency among all grant funded projects. Please work with your program administrator to obtain approvals - Prentis Bonds ( or Mike Che ( only for One City One Pride and TAI grants).

City Acknowledgement
Grantees are required to include in all of its promotional literature and appropriate exterior and interior signage language crediting the City as a financial supporter of the grantee and its grant-funded program or project. Grantees are also required to include the City Logo (see City Logo) on printed materials and web-based publications relative to the grant funded project.

Acknowledgment Language – All grant funded projects with the exception of One City One Pride:

Presented with support from the City of West Hollywood's Arts Division.  

Acknowledgment Language – One City One Pride Grant Funded Projects

Presented with support from the City of West Hollywood's Arts Division as part of the City's One City One Pride LGBTQ Arts Festival (May 22 - June 30). More info at or @WeHoArts.

City Logo
Grantees will be provided with a jpeg (color and b/w) of the City of West Hollywood logo logo as an attachment to the grant agreement email transmittal. We recommend that you save logos to your computer hard drive.  High resolution logos are available via drop.  Click on the following link.  (Dropbox folder of hi-rez logos.)

Extension of Grant Funded Project
If the grantee cannot complete the grant funded project as detailed in the grant application/proposal, the City may agree to a one-time six month extension, following receipt of a written request by the grantee, outlining the need for an extension.

Final Report
Grantees are required to complete and electronically submit to the City’s Arts Division the Final Report within 30 days following completion of its grant funded program/project. 

Grant Agreement
Upon City Council’s approval of grant awards, arts organizations and artists are required to enter into an agreement with the City.  The agreement references the approved grant funded project and stipulates terms and conditions of the grant award including organization provision; media advisory; final report; city acknowledgement; payment procedures; schedule of performance; use of the grantee’s name /likeness; and non-compliance. 

Note: Grant funded projects are peer reviewed and approved by the Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission and City Council.  Grantees that desire to change their approved program concept might require approval from the Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission to do this. Notify the grants coordinator via email at grant agreement must specify the approved project.

The City’s grants coordinator will forward the agreement to grantees with specific instructions. Grantees should note deadlines.  Note:  Missing documents will delay execution of the grant agreement and disbursement of the grant award.

It is the responsibility of the grantee to read and be knowledgeable with the terms and conditions of the grant award.

Liability Insurance
Arts organizations must maintain current general liability insurance in an amount not less than two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000) per occurrence for bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage. Arts organizations must provide the City with the “ACORD Form Certificate of Insurance.Images of the “ACORD Form Certificate of Insurance” can be found via a Google search.

If the organization plans to realize the grant funded project in a City facility, the organization might qualify to purchase insurance via the City’s Tenant/User Insurance Program.  Inquire with the City’s grants coordinator via email at

Note: The City will not execute grant agreements without the ACORD Form Certificate of Insurance.

Media Advisory
Grantees are required to complete and electronically submit the City’s Arts Division online Media Advisory form no less than 60 days prior to the grant funded program/project date, pursuant to terms and conditions of the grant agreement. 

The online 2019 Media Advisory form is available at:

Multi-year Grantees
Multi-year grantees (Year II WeHo Arts Project Grant recipients and Year II and Year III WeHo Arts Organizational Development Grant) must have fulfilled the following items to be eligible for Year II and Year III funding:

  • Completed its Year 2018 grant funded project,
  • Completed and submitted the 2018 Final Report
  • Completed and submitted the Revised Year II or Year III Project Proposal by October 19, 2018.

Access the appropriate Year II and Year III Project Proposal Form below:

Revised Year II Grant Proposal Forms
Revised Year II WeHo Arts Project Grant Project Proposal Form
Revised Year II WeHo Arts Organizational Development Grant Project Proposal Form
Revised Year III WeHo Arts Organizational Development Grant Project Proposal Form

Upon approval of the grantee’s proposal, the City’s grant coordinator will forward via email the two-page grant agreement amendment with specific instructions.

Payment procedures are the same as indicated above.

Multi–year grantees must adhere to all terms and conditions detailed in the grant agreement.

Payment Procedures
For first-time grantees, the City will need to establish a vendor profile in its accounts payable system. Grantees without an existing profile must complete an IRS Substitute From W-9.  The City’s Accounts Payable Division will use the completed document to establish the vendor profile.  Please note:  Nonprofit status will be verified against IRS Tax Exempt Organization records.

Payment of the grant award is within 45 days upon execution of the agreement, providing the grantee has returned all documents (including valid certificate of insurance) to the City as indicated on the grant agreement transmittal within a timely manner.  

The grant award check will be mailed to the address on file with the City’s Accounts Payable Division.  The check cannot be picked at City Hall.

Questions and More information
Contact Prentis Bonds, Grants Coordinator at or (323) 848-6354.

Stay Connected /Stay Informed
Connect with the City’s Arts Division via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @WeHoArts.

Download our Newsletter Sign Up Sheet and place it at your grant funded event to help us build our mailing list and increase the effectiveness of marketing for your event and other Arts Division related programs, projects and exhibition, concerts performances and the like. Please return filled out sheets to