Beautiful Hummingbird (JT Burke)

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Beautiful Hummingbird_JT Burke 

Beautiful Hummingbird, 2019

JT Burke

Digital print on adhesive vinyl

Fountain Day School, 1128 N Orange Grove Avenue

Curated by Lonnie Lardner

On exhibition through June 2020

Beautiful Hummingbird is a photo collage by JT Burke that depicts a carefree hummingbird posing with other figures. It is a fanciful abstraction of pure bliss. The image incorporates objects that represent beauty and items that are dear to the children's hearts. The mural showcases Burke's signature costume/antique jewelry and figurines shown floating, rotating and orbiting with the other characters.

About the Artist:

Jeffrey Thomas Burke was born in 1957. He received a BA from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1981 and an (hon)MS from Brooks Institute of Photography in 1999. Burke worked for many years as a commercial photographer, cinematographer and graphic designer. He was an early adopter of digital photography and imaging as a part of his studio practice. In 2006 Jeffrey and his wife, artist Lorraine Triolo, retired from commercial practice and re-opened BurkeTriolo Studio to create personal work. J.T. Burke lives and works in South Pasadena, California.

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