untitled murals (Kate Costello)

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untitled murals, 2018

Kate Costello (presented by the IF Foundation)

March 2018 – March 2019

Plummer Park Community Center (7377 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood)

The artist, Kate Costello, is interested in how complex thought and emotion become abstract 2D silhouettes. Her series of hand painted murals are composed of recognized and familiar simplifications of images and iconography that transcend language, ethnography and time. The artist’s intention is to discover the murals as you would a buried treasure or an archeological artifact.

IF Innovation Foundation supports experimental interventions that respond to the complexities of urban space and fosters artistic excellence and innovation. Responding to the dramatic shifts in the landscape of contemporary art, IF explores new boundaries, platforms and initiatives that bring new art to new audiences and shift perspectives that effect the cultural dialogue. Based in Los Angeles, Producer, and Curator Lauri Firstenberg (Founder of LA><ART) and Producer and co-curator, Jessica Rich inspire the production and exhibition of art and culture as an agent of change.

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