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Urban Art Collection

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Photographs of the Urban Art Collection can be found here:  

Take a virtual walking tour of West Hollywood's Urban Art Collection. The collection consists of many unique pieces including metal sculptures, tile mosaics, murals, and more--all of which may be seen throughout the City.

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Projects are listed as address, development name (if known), artist name, approved artwork rendering and brief description.

Phillip K Smith III_West Hollywood Park_LookingSoutheast_Night Phillip K Smith III_West Hollywood Park_LookingSoutheast_Day

647 N San Vicente Boulevard - West Hollywood Park Phase II - Phillip K. Smith III (city owned artwork)

Parallel Perpendicular is a series of five freestanding mirrored volumes composed of parallel and perpendicular planes that hover above the landscape. It is meant to be an entirely interactive piece - through the movement of the reflections of the trees, ground sky and people...every viewer becomes a part of the actual skin of the art work. The art work materials are stainless steel, glass and LED.

828 Kings Road 

838 Kings Road - Susan Narduli

838 Kings: The Sycamore is site specific, a response to the architectural intention of the building, the neighbothood and the historical and cultural context of West Hollywood. It draws its spirit fromt the notion of a connection to nature and the emphasis on indoor-outdoor living, most notably practiced by Schindler in the Kings Road House (across the street). Through a process of 3D mapping, the artist created a digital landscape of the sycamore tree and transposed it onto a screen hovering above the terrace wall. The artwork is more dense at the bottomr, opening up as it becomes sky. The art work materials are powdercoated steel.

1001 Fairfax

1001 Fairfax - Empire at Fairfax - Laurie Frick

Flow represents the human flow of people who pass by the building on Fairfax. Drawing on data from the City's open data portal, the work references the traffic flow and rate of speed. Southbound flow runs vertically on the left, and northbound flow is flipped and superimposed on the right. 24 bars equal 24 hours running from 12am to noon at the center and 12am again at the top. The artwork material is fused glass.

1013 Genesee

1013 Genesee - Elena Manferdini

Paint by Numbers pixilates a tree into an abstract form onto the facade of the new development. With a scale shift of the tiles, different levels of resolution are achieved and the image fades from literal at the bottom of the building to abstract at the top. The art work material is ceramic tiles.

1035 N Vista 

1035 N Vista - Nondesigns (Scott Franklin and Miao Miao)

Dingbat Typography is an inverted series of architectural symbols harkening to the era of the dingbat architecture of the 1950/60s with will be laser cut onto a large sheet of corten steel and attached to the street façade.

1040 La Brea 

1040 La Brea Avenue - Jim Iserman

1040 La Brea is inspired by the geometry of the buildling, specifically the parallelogram. The design is build upon 3 distinct sets of divisions of a parallelogram which are divided in half, on a diagonal, and lengthwise and then reconfigured to create dimensional custom tiles. The artwork material is glass fiber reinforced concrete.

1250 Fairfax

1250 N Fairfax Avenue - Cliff Garten

Adamas is a loose circular burst of bronze faceted diamond shapes over the surface of the building. Another smaller configuration of diamonds are clustered at the entry gate on the street level. The art work material is bronze.  

8420 Sunset

8420 Sunset Boulevard - Pendry Hotel and residences - Cao Perrot in collaboration with Swarovski

Sunset Jewel is a fanciful golden tree sculpture rising from a manicured hedge. The tree twists and turns reaching a height of 23-feet high and has a canopy that extends 18 x 31 feet. A split trunk reveals a glistening geode dense with black Swarovski crystals. Extending branches hold a canopy with thousands of shimmering gold mother-of-pearl leaves. Each leaf is adorned with a single crystal from Swarovski Elements.

8497 Sunset

8497 Sunset Boulevard - Refik Anadol

Virtual Paths: Data Sculptures explores the hidden poetry of everyday life through the kinetic motion in and around the building. A 3D scanner system will track the motion of automobiles and pedestrians as objects along Sunset Boulevard and transform those patterns in real-time into etherial, live data sculptures projected onto a series of free-standing vertial LED columns along the sidewalk. The art work materials are LED towers, Lider 3D scanner, and artist-provided hardware.   

9001 SMB 9001 SMB_2

9001 Santa Monica Boulevard - Merge Conceptual Design (Claudia Reisenberger and Franka Deinhelt)

A cloud-like installation comprised of lighting elements with inscribed song lyrics will be suspended above the primary entrance. The lyrics will be highlighted and faded individually in a specific sequence. Through this process a new poem emerges: it tells the story of how music was shaped by - and in turn shaped - the city it inhabits.

9060 Melrose Avenue 

9060 Melrose Avenue - Melrose Triangle - Ned Kahn

The Melrose Triangle art work will create a vertical line of wind-animated elements on the outer edge of the yellow glass fins that punctuate the façade of the gateway building. The pixilated appearance of the wind-activated art work will be evocative of high-tech computer visualizations, yet the actual technology is quite simple, really just a collection of hinges.



For questions or to report a damaged or vandalized artwork, contact Rebecca Ehemann, Public Art Administrator, (323) 848-6846 or For people who are deaf or hard of hearing, please call, TTY: (323) 848-6496. To learn more information about the City of West Hollywood and its arts programs visit