In honor of National Poetry Month, our inaugural City Poet Steven Reigns has organized this Poetry Banner Program to bring poetry into the streets of West Hollywood. During the entire month of April you can see these banners on display along Santa Monica Boulevard. For more information on each of the poets please click on the informational links after each poets' names.

The City of West Hollywood created the new City Poet program in 2014, and Steven Reigns was inaugurated into the postion in October 2014.

West Hollywood Poetry Banner Poets

Rafael Campo,,

Marilyn Chin,,,

Cheryl Clarke,

Toi Derricotte, ,

Mark Doty.,

Rita Dove,,

Teka-Lark Fleming,

Amy Gerstler,,

Eloise Klein Healy,,

Marie Howe,

Collin Kelley,,

Dorianne Laux,

Michael Klein,  

WS Merwin,

Sharon Olds,,,  

Minnie Bruc Pratt,,

Steven Reigns,,

Luis Rodriguez,  

Mike Sonksen,,

David Trinidad,

Quincy Troupe,,

Terry Wolverton,,