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The City of West Hollywood through its Art on the Outside Program hosted seven monumental scale abstract sculptures from world-renowned contemporary artists between July 20, 2011 through June 2012. Located along the grassy median of Santa Monica Boulevard between Doheny Drive and Almont Drive, this artistic gateway to West Hollywood provides visitors and residents alike with engaging and innovative artwork.

The exhibition was the result of a collaborative agreement between the City and The Sculpture Foundation, an international not-for-profit organization that owns the collection of sculptures.

In addition to the flickr album above, here are some additional photos of the installation and opening reception.

rogers Andrew Rogers
Cast Bronze
14’8” H x 8’ W x 3’6” D
Flora Exemplar is one of Andrew Rogers’ signature works and as one critic states, “(is) much more than mere imitation of a natural feature, for its sheer expressiveness evokes in us emotions of human striving and introspection.” For the most part, Rogers’ abstract works are preceded by quick charcoal sketches. Flora Exemplar is a supple, and gracefully winding organic form that is strongly suggestive of living plant matter. [Map location #1]
ressler Robert Ressler
Cast Bronze
10’7” H x 3’ W x 2’10” D
Wave Hill was cast in bronze from the original wood sculpture of the same name. The tall, tapering, long-necked vessel form is one that fascinates Ressler. He has created many other works of this genre in carved wood and in a range of sizes. The artist recognizes the associations that these vessels have with female imagery and energy. [Map location #2]
lindsay Bruce Lindsay
Cast Bronze
90” x 50” x 42” (overall)
Lindsay is a sculptor involved in the creation of forms expressive primarily of collective identity. These works range from miniature silver to monumental steel. A graduate of Bucknell University, and veteran of Johnson Atelier and ART Research, Lindsay engages in commissions, collaborative projects, and independent endeavors. Between Essence and Existence was derived from a moon snail shell and greatly enlarged (blue-green patina). [Map location #3]
brzezinski Emilie Benes Brzezinski
Welded Painted Steel
10’8” H x 14’9” W x 2’4” D
Since Brzezinski first started to work in sculpture, her focus has been to present a balance between the inherent characteristics of the medium – in her case wood -and the artist’s hand in the process of creativity. Lintel was first sculpted from the trunks of cherry trees and then cast into bronze. The artist’s innovative design of wedge-shaped columns gives strength to her piece both structurally and visually. [Map location #4]
voulkos Peter Voulkos
Cast Bronze
Photo Courtesy of The Sculpture Foundation
4’7” H x 2’4” W x 2’3” D
Peter Voulkos has often been dubbed the father of the American Clay Revolution, otherwise known as the Craft-to-Art movement. Voulkos’s Bucci is a bronze casting of monumental clay stacks. Each piece is constructed around a cylindrical core that has been distorted, reduced, and subsequently rebuilt using ceramic fragments, slabs, bricks, and chunks of various shapes, textures, and sizes. The rounded cap and smooth neck of Bucci invite figurative references. In each work, the muscular and weighted lines of seams join blemished satin, pockmarked, and wounded surfaces to produce a sculptural record of its individual construction, destruction, and reformation. [Map location #5]
vantongeren Herk Van Tongeren
Cast & Fabricated Bronze
Photo Courtesy of The Sculpture Foundation
9’4” H x 6’ W x 5’6” D
Van Tongeren admired the Surrealists, especially Giorgio de Chirico, and he studied the Surrealists’ philosophical ideals. This is evident in his sculpture series Teatro, which is represented by three large works in the collection. All of van Tongeren’s works consist of geometrical objects lying in a stage-like setting, and as a result the sculptor achieves a fascinating false sense of perspective with the placement and sizing of these objects. There is a strong sense of idealism and order depicted within these scenes —one can imagine van Tongeren as an architect sculpting his vision of a futuristic landscape. [Map location #6]
gyampo Mike Gyampo
Photo Courtesy of The Sculpture Foundation
8’ H x 8’6” W x 5’6” D
Matters of the Moment continues Gyampo’s interest in traditional philosophical and aesthetic concentrations while giving vision to the combination of African and American influences. Regardless of medium, Gyampo’s sculptures always convey a basic and potent permanence that grounds them to the earth. The primitive and forceful forms command attention yet they communicate a humanistic sensibility and spirituality. [Map location #7]

About the Sculpture Foundation

The Sculpture Foundation, Inc. is a charitable and educational organization dedicated to providing exhibitions and contemporary landmark public artworks for communities. The spectacular 35 acre sculpture park, Grounds For Sculpture, in Hamilton, New Jersey showcases a significant portion of works owned by TSF. The Collection, including more than 150 artists and currently valued at over fifty million dollars, is on view in urban centers, small towns, regional parks, and cultural institutions worldwide. Visit www.sculpturefoundation.org for additional details.