Imagine...Through The Eyes of a Child

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fountain day school project
fountain day school project
fountain day school project

A collaboration between the City of West Hollywood and Fountain Day School, “Through the Eyes of a Child” was designed and assembled by renowned eco-artist Tom Deininger. The relief is comprised of 100 % recycled materials – collected by children attending Fountain Day School – and salvaged from local landfills. This project was installed in April 2011 and de-installed on January 3, 2013.

From a distance, the piece shows the eyes of a toddler gazing upward, as if to a parent, or the future. A closer look reveals an intricate web of tossed toys and familiar objects that make up the image as a whole: dolls, baby strollers, pool toys, plastic trucks, bottle caps, garden hose, and detritus from everyday life. 

Tom Deininger is a dedicated environmentalist who educates others about consumer wastefulness and resource overuse through his art. His award-winning installations incorporate trashed plastics, reclaimed wood, broken toys, furniture, and factory overruns – generally unrecyclable waste otherwise destined for city dumps. His work was recently commissioned by the Smithsonian Institution. This project is curated by Lonnie Lardner with Creative Voltage, Los Angeles.

Art on the Outside is a program of the City of West Hollywood’s Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission that brings art into the public realm to enhance the City’s lively pedestrian-friendly culture.