Puppet Theater on Wheels

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The City of West Hollywood through its Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission has partnered with Puppet Theater on Wheels to present shows that explore the culture and history of Eastern Europe and share these stories with a new generation. Shows are either presented bilingually or in Russian with English synopses.

Puppet Theater on Wheels         Кукольный Театр на Колёсах

Presented by the City of West Hollywood through its Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission as part of WeHo East Arts

Спектакли состоятся при поддержке города Западный Голливуд. Кукольный Театр на Колёсах включён в программу WeHo East Arts (East Side Arts Initiative). Упомянутая программа городской Комиссии по Вопросам Культуры и Искусств предназначена для исследования и изучения сближения разных культур в сообществе города.

Please note: All performances are presented in Russian language with a printed English synopsis available.

Все спектакли на русском языке. Будет предоставлена брошюра на английском.



April 26, 2015 – Red Riding Hood             26 апреля         Красная Шапочка


August 23, 2015 - Slavic Folk Tales          23 августа          Славянские Народные Сказки


October 4, 2015 – My First Fairy Tales     4 октября            Мои Первые Сказки


December 27, 2015 - The Snow Queen   27 декабря         Снежная Королева


All shows are at 11 am, Rooms 5 & 6,

Plummer Park Community Center

7377 Santa Monica Blvd,

West Hollywood, CA 90046


Все спектакли состоятся в 11:00 утра, Комната 5 и 6,

Plummer Park Community Center

7377 Santa Monica Blvd,

West Hollywood, CA 90046


Red Riding Hood

Though fearless, Red Riding Hood doesn't always make the best decisions. Your child will be able to help Red Riding Hood make her way through the woods to grandmother's house. Along the way they can make the decision to help the wolf trick her or to help Red finish her journey safely. This classic fairy tale is filled with lessons, laughs and important decisions throughout the tale.

Красная Шапочка

Даже бесстрашная Красная Шапочка не всегда принимает правильные решения. Ваш ребёнок будет иметь возможность помочь девочке найти домик бабушки, обмануть злого волка и вернуться к маме. Эта сказка очень весёлая и поучительная.


Slavic Folk Tales

It is like The Mother Goose stories, but of a Slavic origin. These are the series of little fairy tales that European kids hear from the time they are born.

Славянски Народные Сказки

Спектакль состоит из нескольких славянких народных сказок которые  ме слышим с детства. За основу взяты такие истории как (Бычок смоляной бочок, Теремок, Волк и Лиса).


My First Fairy Tales

What could a golden egg, a talking bread roll and a giant turnip have in common? They all have starring rolls in some of Eastern Europe's most famous toddler fairy tales. My First Fairy Tales is our unique combination of these three tales into one adventure packed story. Follow our Kolobok (bread roll) as he rolls through the forest meeting all kinds of creatures, watch to see what happens to a golden egg and help grandpa pull out the giant turnip!

Мои Первые Сказки

Этот спектакль состоит из трёх народных сказок (Курочка Ряба, Колобок и Репка) так напоминающих нам детство.


The Snow Queen

Snow Queen is a story about true friendship and love. When the Snow Queen enchants Kai and takes him to her ice castle, Gerda scours the earth to find him. In the end Gerda and Kai show that true friendship will prevail over evil.

Снежная Королева

Эта история о крепкой дружбе и настоящей любви. Когда Снежная Королева украла Кая и унесла в ледяной дворец, бесстрашная Герда обошла полсвета чтобы спасти своего любимого друга.



Free Admission. To rsvp: www.puppettheateronwheels.com Free parking available in both Plummer Park parking lots.

For more information, please visit: www.puppettheateronwheels.com

The City of West Hollywood prides itself on its multicultural heritage, and is pleased to include this program as part of WeHo East Arts (East Side Arts Initiative), a program of the City’s Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission to explore the convergence of culture, community and development on the City’s east side.



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Past programs include:

October 27, 2013 - Early Fairytales

The "Kolobok", (a traditional Russian and Ukrainian pie/ small bread), suddenly becomes animated and escapes from grandmother and grandfather. "Chicken Ryaba" lays a golden egg instead of a real egg. "The Giant Turnip" is a children's fairy tale of Russian or Slavic origin first published in 1863 in the collection Russian Folk Tales, edited and published by Aleksandr Afanas'ev. All these three fairy tales are among the first ones that little ones learn in the Russian and Ukrainian cultures.  

December 22, 2013 - Holiday Show

This show will tell stories of The Snow Queen, The Russian New Year Celebration, and Grand Father Frost and Snegurochka.

Sunday, April 6, 11 am, Buratino
‘Buratino’ is based on the book The Golden Key (1936) by Aleksey Tolstoy. According to Tolstoy, he had read the 1883 novel The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi as a child but, having lost the book, started re-imagining it many years later in an attempt to come up with bedside stories for his own children. The resulting story turned out to be so original, that he decided to publish it, and Buratino quickly became popular among children in the former Soviet Union, and remains so to this day.

Sunday, September 28, 2014 at 11 am, Karlsson-on-the-Roof

Karlsson (Swedish: Karlsson på taket) is a fictional character in a series of children's books created by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. The cartoon adaptation became popular in the USSR with its release in the 1970s. To this day, the adaptations are still celebrated as an integral part of the Russian cartoon industry, with Karlsson being recognised as a national icon, together with Cheburashka and other such characters.

Sunday, December 21, 2014 at 11 am, The New Years Adventures of Masha and the Bears

Masha and the Bears is a very popular fairy tale in the Russian and Slavic cultures. In the United States this story is known as Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Since so many children love the characters so much, we decided to continue this timeless tale. Our very special and exclusive presentation of "The New Years Adventures of Masha and the Bears" is about the most important values in life, family and friendship. As always we are able to talk about the most important things in a fun and entertaining way.