Bus Stop by Yi Hwan Kwon

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ARTIST'S RECEPTION, THURSDAY, MARCH 24, 4:30PM, West Hollywood Park 


"Bus Stop"

127 x 57 x 22 inches, hand-painted F.R.P.

West Hollywood Park, March 24 - September 30, 2016

In partnership with the CMay Gallery

Yi Hwan Kwon’s “Bus Stop” features nine hand-painted sculptures, a bus stop, a fire hydrant and seven unique "city" people, that have been stretched vertically, which disorients the viewer and encourages a moment of pause and reflection. The gallery notes, “In this moment the installation manifests in narrow forms, like trees zipping by the window of a vehicle in motion. We are witness to something so strange but find something so familiar, a bus stop occupied by a variety of people, each at different points on an assortment of journeys. To us they are inconceivable, almost from another dimension, but in the shelter of the bus stop they share a common space so desperately needed in a big city: a shared point in their travels where strangers gather with the same purpose but differing goals, where no matter their lot in life, there is a rare opportunity for understanding and connection. Within the physical tension of the sculpture’s distortion and in the purpose of a bus stop as a pace of coming and going, there is a potential energy that invigorates its setting.”

Sight Lines, a solo exhibition, at the CMay Gallery, featuring the mind bending sculptures of Yi Hwan Kwon will take place concurrent to the public art exhibition from March 24 - May 13, 2016. A reception for the public installation will be held at 4:30pm the same day as the exhibition opening, across the street at the entrance to the West Hollywood Park off San Vicente Blvd.

Yi Hwan Kwon (b. 1974- ) received a MFA from Kyung Won University, Korea in 2004. He has exhibited extensively in Korea and participated in the 2007 Asian Art Biennial. This public sculpture exhibition is his first in the United States.

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