WeHo East Arts

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WehoEastLogoIn conjunction with the flurry of development on the east side of West Hollywood, the arts are flourishing too. Plummer Park is our unofficial center for arts in WeHo East with various arts projects and sculptures installed. Here is a selction of programs from 2013-2015.

WeHo East Arts is an initiative of the City’s Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission to explore the convergence of culture, community and development on the City’s east side.



Sam Falls on display from 2013 - 2016

The City of West Hollywood's Art on the Outside program presents a sculpture by Sam Falls that is designed to change over time with exposure to UV light. This sculpture is part of a larger exhibition at LAXart which includes the sculpture at Plummer Park, a billboard on La Cienaga, and the exhibition inside LAXart.

 Wake-FindyourrootsMichele Benzamin-Miki

Find Your Roots 2013

Find Your Roots is an introspective look at family and cultural roots, inspiring philosophical and historical discussion rooted in personal experience. Similar to the residents of West Hollywood, the exhibition highlights artists from a multiplicity of countries, regions, faiths and ethnic backgrounds, including Russia, Japan, Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Poland, Romania, Great Britain, Armenia, Turkey, Iran, Israel, Serbia, Korea, Italy and the United States.


 puppet theatre on wheels copy

Puppet Theater on Wheels 2013 - 2016


The City of West Hollywood through its Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission has partnered with Puppet Theater on Wheels to present shows that explore the culture and history of Eastern Europe and to share these stories with a new generation. Shows are presented bilingually or in Russian with English synopses.


 ThreeHornedBeastthumb Three Horned Beast and Baby Beast on display 2013 -2015


Influenced by naturally occurring shapes, artists Lisa Little and Emily White explore unexpected structural possibilities. By using aluminum, the artist team is able to take advantage of the material’s lightweight strength to create a large open lattice made from just a tiny amount of raw material. As a matter of fact, the entire recyclable material of this nearly 30-foot sculpture can be condensed into a 2-foot cube.