The List (REDCAT)

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The List (2017) created by artists Banu Cennetoğlu & Nihan Somay in collaboration with UNITED

Temporary public installation by REDCAT and the City of West Hollywood through WeHo Arts


The List is a document that contains the information of 29,586 known refugees, asylum seekers and migrants who have died within, or on the borders of Europe since 1993. The data is compiled and updated each year by UNITED for Intercultural Action. Since 2006, in collaboration with art workers and institutions, artist Banu Cennetoğlu has maintained up-to-date and translated versions of The List for public display. She has previously organized installations of The List in Basel, Istanbul, Amsterdam, and other cities. This is the first time her project has been presented in the USA.

This iteration of The List was commissioned by Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater (REDCAT) in conjunction an exhibit curated by Thomas Keenan and Sohrab Mohebbi it is obvious from the map (on view March 25 to June 4, 2017) and installed with the support of the City of West Hollywood through WeHo Arts (

This installation is divided in 2 sections, one section is installed on a concrete wall near the West Hollywood Park Auditorium (647 N. San Vicente Blvd.)  Although San Vicente Boulevard itself slopes and thus the wall is taller on its South end than its North end, the panels are aligned to be level to the horizon and uniform in size, causing a forced perspective in the way a viewer might perceive the size of the wall in relationship to the size of the panels. The other section is located on a busy section of Robertson Boulevard just south of The Abbey (692 N. Robertson) taking advantage of a temporary wooden construction fence in a high traffic pedestrian area.

This work will be on view from April 2017 to early June 2017. For more information on this installation, please contact Mike Che, Arts Coordinator at

More photos are available on the City's Flickr site here.