Gray Malin

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To me West Hollywood has always represented a place where people can come and be whoever they wish to be and I felt the larger-than-life llama embodied the character of this amazing city. 

- Gray Malin


Installation 2016 (a)

Installation 2016 (b)

Installation 2016 (c)

8430 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 

About the artist: Mentored by Bolivian photographer Gastón Ugalde, Gray Malin created this series Far Far Away in the largest salt flat in the world, Salar de Uyuni, which expands nearly 5,000 square miles and sits 12,000 feet in elevation. Here the color temperature reaches an intense 7,000-kelvins, making all objects appear brighter than the eye normally sees. Each image is presented in raw form with no editing except for the removal of the ropes used to corral the sheep and llamas. This body of work is left up to the viewer to interpret; for Gray it’s all about capturing the whimsical happiness of a place unknown. 

Gray's work is both inspirational and aspirational; celebrating where he has been and inviting you to dream of places you would like to go. Through his camera lens, Gray takes you on an incredible journey to amazing places around the world and captures the essence of their natural beauty. Malin's early notable work, Prada Marfa, put him on the radar of fashion and art enthusiasts and he has since become commercially recognized for inventive aerial beach, ski and park scenes and conceptual fin-art series like Gray Malin at the Parker.

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