Art on Construction Fence Program

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The Art on Construction Fence Program is operated under the City’s Mural Program, which is administered by the Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission as part of the Art on the Outside Program. The Art on Construction Fence Program enriches the existing Mural Program but follows an independent, expedited review process with Arts Division staff.  The Art on Construction Fence Program transforms the function of a construction fence as a safety barrier into a canvas for art. The art will function as a valuable outlet for artists to share their talents with the community and allow opportunities for engagement – contributing to the dynamic and creative vitality of the City.

Commercial properties under construction are required to install temporary art along the street-facing perimeter construction fence of the property (excluding alleyways) if the construction is for a development project of 10,000 square feet or more and has one street-facing frontage of at least 75 linear feet. All other commercial properties under construction may install temporary art on to the property's construction fence, provided that the fence complies with the Building Code of the City of West Hollywood and the project's construction mitigation plan, and that the art complies with the provision in the Zone Ordinance 19.20.240.


  • Prior to the issuance of any building permits for a project where art is required (see above), an Art on Construction Fence Application must be submitted to the Arts Division for review and approval.
  • The application must be approved by Arts Division staff prior to the assembly of the construction fence.
  • The artwork shall be installed on the construction fence within five (5) business days of assembly of the construction fence.
  • The applicant shall submit photographic documentation of the completed installation of the artwork on the construction fence to the Arts Division staff within fourteen (14) days.
  • The applicant shall maintain the integrity of the artwork on the construction fence and may be required to repair or reinstall if significant deterioration occurs.
  • Future occupancy signs, project renderings, names of architects, contractors, designers, financing institutions, and/or information on the project are allowed and shall comply with the standards in Section 19.34.050 (F) - Temporary Signs.
  • Off-site advertising on construction fencing is prohibited.
  • Any signage must comply with the City's sign standards as per Chapter 19.34 - Sign Standards.


  1. The applicant should notify the Public Art Coordinator of their intention of submitting an Art on Construction Fence application as soon as possible.  
  2. The applicant shall select an artist from the WEHO Muralist Roster for the Art on Construction Fence project.
    • Alternatively, the applicant may submit an artist application to the WEHO Muralist Roster to be reviewed by Arts Division staff in tandem with the Art on Construction Fence application.
  3. The applicant shall submit an Art on Construction Fence Application online to include the proposed artist and artwork design.
  4. Arts Division staff will review the application using the Review and Evaluation Criteria, established by the Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission, and will notify the applicant within ten (10) business days with approval or request for changes to the application.
  5. Once the Art on Construction Fence application is approved the applicant must submit a Zone Clearance Permit and pay the over the counter permit fee. This is an over-the-counter procedure and requires a small permit fee of $117 (updated 2017) to be paid. If you have any questions at all regarding the Zone Clearance Permit application or fees you should call the Planning Counter at 323/848-6475 or
  6. The process is complete when the applicant submits photographic documentation of the completed installation of the artwork to Arts Division staff.


  1. For the purposes of the Art on Construction Fence Program, the art created for these fences will fall under the definition of a mural. A mural is defined as a large-scale artwork, painting or mosaic, applied to or mounted directly to an exterior surface of a building, construction fence or other structure and that is visible from the public right-of-way. Its primary intent is to be artistic in nature, rather than purely information, creative signage or commercial signage.
  2. All applicants must submit an Art on Construction Fence Application and receive approval from the City prior to installation.
  3. An Art on Construction Fence artwork shall be on exhibition as long as the site is under construction and requires the use of construction fencing.
  4. The artwork must not impede or have an adverse effect on the safe and efficient movement of vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
  5. An artwork placed on private structure becomes the physical property of the building/property owner/developer. As such the building/property owner/developer is responsible for periodically monitoring the condition of the artwork and facilitating its care and maintenance, assuming any costs with its maintenance, repair and/or removal.
  6. The City of West Hollywood does not take responsibility for maintenance and preservation of murals unless placed upon City property. Murals not maintained properly may be subject to Code Compliance penalties and removal.
  7. The proposed artwork shall be an original work of art. The artwork shall be designed and constructed under the supervision of a qualified artist/muralist who has sufficient knowledge and experience in the design and execution of such projects, as well as with the application of the selected medium.
  8. Artwork design approval does not constitute acceptance into the City's Urban Art Collection, unless specifically commissioned or acquired by the Urban Art Subcommittee for the City of West Hollywood (or approved as part of an Urban Art project in conjunction with the City's Urban Art Ordinance, which would then be reviewed under a separate process).
  9. Once the Arts Division staff has approved the proposed artwork design, the artist may not make "alteration" to the design without returning to City staff for approval of the changes prior to implementation of the mural. "Alteration" includes any change to a permitted mural, including but not limited to any change to the image(s), materials, colors or size of the permitted artwork. "Alteration" does not include naturally occurring changes to the mural caused by exposure to the elements or the passage of time.

 Questions? Contact Rebecca Ehemann, Public Art Coordinator, 323-848-6846,