The Cube by Manuel Lima

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The Cube

The Cube

Manuel Lima

August 12-21, 2016

8775 Sunset Boulevard

The Cube


“The Cube” is a 10-day performance piece by Brazilian-born artist, pianist, and composer Manuel Lima, who will live in a translucent, sparsely furnished 10-foot-square cube installed on the Sunset Strip around the clock from August 12 – 21.  Lima’s intent is to integrate daily life with art, take his creative process out of a formal space, and undergo a profoundly personal transition – a meditation of sorts – in a very public space. 

The artist's daily schedule:

7AM - 9AM  Morning routine: A run, shower and breakfast each morning.

9AM - 12PM  "Sunset Blvd": He will perform his “Sunset Blvd.” composition, wherein he repeatedly moves from left to right on the FM dial, improvising five-minute piano segments riffing off what he hears.

12PM - 1PM  Lunch break.

1PM - 5PM  "Sunset Blvd" continued.

5PM - 7PM  Public Tea: He will break for tea with the public just outside the cube. The tea break is the community's opportunity to drop by and join him to converse. 

7PM - 8PM  Dinner.

8PM - 10PMish  "Red Light Piano": In the evening, Lima will perform an original light and sound composition built with 60 music cycles, each from one to five minutes, with variations increasing its length each day. Ultimately the composition will be five hours long. 

12AMish  Near midnight, he will sleep.   

Manuel LimaManuel Lima received a full scholarship from the Brazilian government to attend graduate school in the U.S.; he just earned his Performer – Composer DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts) degree from Cal Arts in Valencia, CA.  Earlier this year, he performed a 10-day trial for “The Cube” in the hills outside Valencia.  With his performance in West Hollywood, the urban landscape will bring new challenges to the metamorphosis he undergoes.




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