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Robbery Prevention

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Street Robbery_coverCardinal Rules

Stay Alert
It's too easy to become complacent. Always remember that you can become a victim anytime or anywhere.

Show Confidence
Walk, stand, talk and carry yourself with an air of confidence. This tells the criminal that you are not an easy target.

Trust Your "Gut Feelings"
Intuition can be one of your best allies in self protection. Trust your feelings...they're seldom wrong. 

Avoid walking alone on the street at night and don’t make it obvious that you are in unfamiliar territory.  At night, avoid public parks, vacant lots and alleys.

  • Use well-lit roads.
  • Walk near the curb - away from shrubbery where someone could be hiding.
  • Walk against traffic, so that cars cannot surprise you from behind.
  • Keep an arm’s length away from strangers.
  • If you think someone suspicious is approaching you or following you, cross to the other side of the street and head for the nearest public place.

Don’t make it obvious that you are in unfamiliar territory. Stay Alert! Not paying attention is what suspects look for in a victim.

  • Walk briskly and with confidence.
  • Stay sober enough to be able to take care of yourself. Criminals see drunken persons as easy prey.

At night, avoid public parks, vacant lots, alleys and areas with excessive trees and brush.

  • Know which stores and other public places are open along your route. 
  • Don’t hesitate to run back to where you came from to get help.
  • Look for anyone “hanging” around your car or your path to your car.
  • Have your keys in your hand and be ready to open the car door.

Street Robbery Prevention Tips:

  • Don’t carry your purse loosely around your shoulder
  • Keep cash in a separate money clip or pouch. This will allow you to hand it over without sacrificing your credit cards, identification, and personal papers
  • Consider carrying pepper spray.
  • Avoid carrying a purse and keep a wallet in your pocket instead.
  • Never wrap a purse strap around your wrist; forcible removal could result in serious personal injury.
  • Obey the robber’s instructions.
  • Release the purse. Do not risk personal injury.
  • Make a mental note of the robber’s appearance, i.e. height, weight, hair color/style, clothing, etc.
  • If possible, take down the vehicle license plate number, a description of the vehicle, and the direction the robber is fleeing.
  • Then call 9-1-1 immediately!

For more information:

City of West Hollywood Public Safety Department: (323) 848-6414  TTY (323) 848-6496
West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station: (310) 855-8850