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Social Responsibility

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The City of West Hollywood has many bars, restaurants, lounges, nightclubs, and venues that serve alcohol. The City is dedicated to encouraging social responsibility and maintaining safe establishments that are free from overconsumption of alcohol.  

The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station’s Community Impact Team (CIT) actively patrols bars, nightclubs, and hotels. Deputies are proactive in addressing impacts from entertainment establishments and special events. The Sheriff’s Station’s Entertainment Policing Team (EPT) focuses on “entertainment” and “alcohol” related law enforcement issues in the City in order to prevent alcohol-related incidents. Together, the Sheriff’s Station and the City’s Code Compliance Division work with the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) to educate businesses and work collaboratively on alcohol-related issues. 

Everyone in West Hollywood can take part in working together to ensure that alcohol consumption is safe in our city. The City of West Hollywood works to raise awareness about social responsibility and alcohol with an effort called Imbibe Intelligently, which promotes safety tips and messages regarding alcohol consumption within the community and for visitors enjoying establishments in the City of West Hollywood. 

Some Tips to Imbibe Intelligently:

  • Measure it: Set a limit and keep count of your drinks.
  • Control it: Just like fitness, make a goal to be responsible.
  • Eat it: A full stomach slows the alcohol down.
  • Hydrate it: Alcohol dehydrates, quench your thirst with water.
  • Pace it: Cultivate those cocktails by sipping, not gulping.
  • Pause it: Take a breath and enjoy the moment.
  • Switch it: For every drink, order a glass of H20
  • Reduce it: Opt for lower-alcohol alternatives.
  • Table it: Avoid salty snacks that make you thirsty.
  • Ride it: Set a designated driver or grab a ride share.
  • Leave it: Valuables are valuable, keep them at home.
  • Friend it: Buddy-up and look out for one another.
  • Protect it: Always practice safe sex.

A Reminder: NEVER Drink and Drive:

The City if West Hollywood’s “Don’t Drink & Drive” campaign takes place each year during the December holiday season with drink coasters in restaurants and nightlife establishments that remind patrons to drink responsibly. The message is important year-round, especially during holidays, Pride, and Halloween. NEVER drink and drive.

Know the law: California Vehicle Code sections 23152(a) and 23152(b):

  • 23152(a): It is a misdemeanor to drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
  • 23152(b): It is a misdemeanor to drive with .08% or more of alcohol in your blood.

For More Information:

City of West Hollywood Public Safety Department: (323) 848-6414 or TTY (323) 848-6496

West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station: (310) 855-8850