The City of West Hollywood is currently responding to the unprecedented Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and is working as quickly as possible to address community needs with links to resources, information, and relief for our residents, businesses, and community members.


Click the graphic below for information related to Coronavirus (COVID-19). The page will be updated as new information, resources, and relief from Federal, State and County agencies are made available.

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Public Safety

Public Access AED Program

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We’ve recently installed 13 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in key locations at City Hall, the Parks, and other City Facilities.  The locations are depicted below.

AEDs are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest and have successfully saved lives. When a person experiences sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), the heart's electrical impulses suddenly misfire. As a result, the heart flutters uncontrollably and cannot pump blood, which results in the body being deprived of oxygen. When a person experiences SCA, only an electric shock from an AED can get the heart beating normally again. The survival rate from SCA in places where AEDs are available is close to 70%, while the survival rate in areas without access to AEDs is 5%. Therefore, having an AED public access program can protect citizens and visitors to the City by providing access to AEDs when needed. 

AEDs do not require training to use: the machine itself walks you through the steps. So, members of the public can use the AEDs by following the prompts.