Website Accessibility Standards

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The City's website was designed to be compliant with the two most commonly used accessibility standards - Section 508 of the ADA and W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 1.0)

Features that contribute to accessibility include:

  • A standards based design that clearly separates presentation from content. All layout and formatting related features are based in the stylesheet. Theoretically a disabled user could apply their own style sheet to the site.
  • The use of proportional fonts throughout. This allows visually impaired users to easily resize fonts.
  • The dropdown navigation system has been specifically designed for maximum accessibility. More information on all of the features can be found here. One of the key advantages of the system over other drop down navigations sytems is that menus are navigable via keyboard shortcuts.
  • Minimal use of HTML tables enhances the overall usability of the site with screen readers.